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Why EPA?

EPA aims to use esports to help students become better players, people, and professionals.

Our academic curriculum, camps, and programs empower students to grow within a fun, inviting, and constructive environment. Players not only emerge as more advanced gamers, but develop skills that give them the confidence to succeed in their everyday lives.

That’s why we partner with youth programs and academic institutions at K-12 and collegiate levels to help develop players through a holistic lens.

Interested in coaching?

We have custom-tailored training solutions for your staff members that will raise the standard of performance within your program. From beginner to expert, EPA can take your coaching knowledge to where it needs to be.

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Why Esports?

Esports has already evolved the education landscape as we know it.

This unique opportunity allows school systems to engage with their students in ways and on platforms that were not available in the past. The benefits of esports include:

  • Increasing engagement and providing a community for STEM-minded students
  • Providing a reason for excitement, channeling their passion into school-led programs
  • Surrounding your students in a fun environment that allows them to learn real-life applicable skills in a competitive environment
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How It Works

Introductory Call

We want your program to be excellent. In order to do that, we need to gather the details that can help us build a plan for your vision.

Build a Plan

Once we have gathered all of the pertinent details, we will present you with an implementation plan for the program.


EPA works with you, your teams, and your players side-by-side to implement the plan for your esports programs.

“Working with the Esports Performance Academy for the past few years has been extremely beneficial for not only our students but our program as a whole. When they come in to work with our teams, they do an amazing job of not only helping to improve the technical aspects of my players’ performance, but also helping them interpersonally to become better teammates and people through use of communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. There has been a noted increase in the performance and teamwork of the teams they have worked with and we look forward to continue working with them in the future as well.”

Eugene Frier, Director of Esports, Texas Wesleyan University

“You can tell that the students really listen to their insight and take it to heart. The feedback that they are providing is actually helping students improve, not only in game, but also in terms of their academics and physical fitness. We are very, very pleased with the results of this collaboration and appreciate the fact that they have provided such a tremendous amount of support and direction. It is customized to our students and our districts and, you really cannot find that level of detail and specialization.”

Dr. Leslie Bender Jutzi, Chief Academic Innovation Officer, Burleson ISD

“[EPA] provided me with an environment and infrastructure that closely emulated that of a franchised team, which directly allowed me to take my gameplay and mentality to the next level. The staff taught me skills that translate into all aspects of life, provided resources to train in mindfulness, and cultivated an atmosphere of accountability and professionalism.”

Seungmin “Strompest” Lee, Professional Mid Laner, League of Legends

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