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Esports Coaching

We help players on their journey to achieving their goals.

EPA aims to elevate the standards of esports coaching and thereby develop the next generation of esports players to accomplish higher levels of accomplishment and performance than ever before. The current landscape of esports coaching and professional competition was built with the simple approach of playing and studying the game for hours on end which lacks effectiveness, wellbeing, and the wide range of factors that influence esport performance. By equipping prospective players with evidence-based practices and a holistic approach to performance enhancement, we provide a proper pipeline of development for players to attain their competitive gaming goals.

Bring Your Gaming Skills to the Next Level

Esports coaching is essential for reaching high-level gameplay individually as well as creating a highly competitive team in any esport title. An esport coach streamlines the path of improvement by possessing extensive knowledge of the strategy and mechanics of the game and methodically training players in a way that increases the speed of their progression. Additionally, coaches have experience and education around teaching, psychology, and behavior change for guiding players to learn in-game skills more efficiently and foster the personal and social skills for being an elite competitor and teammate.

The main issue that many beginning and aspiring competitive gamers face is that they see what the best players are capable of but do not have the knowledge and understanding of how to get to that point. Having a coach that has either personally achieved those skill levels or has consistently brought other players to those levels will clarify the necessary steps to take. However, a large majority of players also struggle with more external factors such as communication or tilt. Therefore, having an experienced mentor and simply hearing an outside perspective will be invaluable.

At Esports Performance Academy, We take a Personalized Approach to Professional Gaming for All Skill Levels

EPA understands that esport and performance is individualized. Each player comes from different backgrounds, different gaming and competitive experiences, and different mindsets and personalities. Consequently, each player’s esport journey will look different according to their personal traits. Just because something works for one person does not mean it will work for another. EPA ensures a personalized approach to make sure each client’s plan for success is comprehensive to who they are, where they are starting from, and what is relevant and effective for them.

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Get One-On-One Coaching

If you have big dreams for your esport career, then one-on-one coaching is the solution for you. This option will guarantee that you have 100% of a coach’s attention and effort. Your EPA coach will be able to maximize your time by analyzing your gameplay, providing feedback for any issues, and curating strategies that are best for you individually. Clients receiving one-one-one coaching also benefit from more opportunities to inquire with the coach by asking questions about their experiences or advice around certain topics.

Learn from Industry Gaming Professionals

Esports Performance Academy boasts a wide-roster of professional-level coaches. With experience either playing or coaching at some of the highest levels of esports, EPA offers holistic coaching plans that can take players from beginner to pro.

Receive a Holistic Approach to Training

The value of a holistic approach to training cannot be stated enough. There have been incredibly talented and hopeful professionals in esports that did not get to see their potential due to problems such as attitude, communication, or injury. Adopting a holistic approach will help prevent those problematic incidences and give players a better chance at enjoying a higher level of play for a longer period of time.

Competitive esports is predominantly a cognitive activity, and cognitive function has a variety of influences. EPA incorporates education and practices for understanding how holistic factors such as physical health, mental training, and sleep not only maintain a healthy level of wellbeing but also heightens the possibilities of improved cognitive functioning.

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How EPA Coaching Works

At Esports Performance Academy, it’s all about proper development within the esports industry.

Our holistic approach helps players improve their in-game performance by improving out-of-game well-being – empowering athletes to become better players, people, and professionals.

We have multiple tiers of service that allow you to adopt one of our core philosophies of “crawl, walk, run.” From the at-a-glance service option that allows you to get your feet wet with what EPA has to offer, all the way to our High-Performance tier, for those of you who want to make the best effort towards finding your potential. EPA is all about helping you along your journey in esports. In this section, briefly explain the coaching EPA provides to schools and the benefits of getting students engaged in gaming Next, provide a brief list to highlight recognizable schools and colleges for which your academy has provided esports coaching. This doesn’t need to be a bulleted list - it can be displayed and designed however desired.

What is esports coaching?

Esports coaching is the provision of expert-level, in-game knowledge and strategy to help players quickly improve their abilities through practicing the holistic factors of performance enhancement. Coaches give an outside perspective that is essential for identifying points of improvement for players.

What games does Esports Performance Academy teach?

We teach Rocket League, Valorant, League of Legends, Smash, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Lost Ark, and more!

How do I book a session?

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How do I become an esports coach?

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