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Rocket League Coaching - We'll Help You Elevate Your Performance

Rocket League is rapidly becoming one of the most established esport titles with high popularity among middle-school and high-school esports programs as well as heavy investment in Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) competitions. As Rocket League relies greatly on mechanical skill and rapid decision-making, EPA coaching will be crucial for helping players hone their abilities in an effective and efficient manner.

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Trying to Improve Your Rocket League Skills?

Do you feel like other players get to the ball quicker, or do you struggle to learn new mechanics? To improve at Rocket League, there are a variety of skills that must be developed. This includes the different mechanics that allow you to be faster than your opponents or have better ball control, the strategy to make intelligent decisions and outplay your opponents, and the communication that allows a competitive team to be successful. Good players also need to be able to perform under pressure, avoid tilting, and maintain focus during the non-stop action of a Rocket League game.

You Want to Be the Best, But Struggle to Hit Your Goals

Rocket League is a game with a high skill-ceiling. There is a wide range of mechanics that need to be learned, and the fast pace requires experience and strategy to make quick decisions. This makes it difficult for players to reach the top ranks even with considerable amount of time spent in-game. As players struggle to see progress, they are often met with the advice of simply having to play more or grind a mechanic over and over and therefore fail to find a systematic approach to skill improvement.

Level Up with Coaching from the Top Rocket League Players

Players that have difficulty achieving their goals will benefit greatly from EPA’s Rocket League coaching. Our expert level coaches will help you or your team pinpoint the issues that are holding you back and provide the feedback and training plan necessary for overcoming those issues. Their wealth of knowledge and experience will allow them to quickly identify your shortcomings and ensure that you level up your game immediately.

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$59 per session (1 Hour)

This introductory package offers a taste of the EPA experience. At our lowest rate, these coaching sessions focus a bit more on improving in-game skills than the holistic side of player development. These sessions provide a great opportunity for players to get to know the EPA team and see how we can help them.

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$99 per session (1.5 Hours)

Our traditional coaching package is our mid-tier individual service that provides players with necessary information to increase their play. Similar to our “At-a-Glance” service, this package is focused much more on improving in-game skills, but includes holistic tips. EPA will always take the time to go over everything that can help players improve.

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$149 per session (2 Hours)

With this package, we work as a dedicated esports personal trainer. After an initial assessment, we will provide each player with a custom-made coaching curriculum that is tailored to their goals. We proceed to schedule monthly, comprehensive coaching sessions, customized points of focus, performance monitoring, data deliverables and more.

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Why Esports Performance Academy

Personalized Rocket League Training

Personalized training will be ideal for those that are hoping to maximize their resources towards improvement in Rocket League. Players who receive personalized training will get pure one-on-one time with a coach to really dig into the player’s individual problems and areas of improvement. Each player has different tendencies and playstyles, and through full focus and productive conversation the coach will be able to figure out what the best plan of action is for you personally.

Become a Rocket League Coach

Visit this page if you are looking to become a Rocket League coach.

Holistic Development and Growth

EPA’s Rocket League Coaching emphasizes the impact of holistic development. Improvement in Rocket League depends on many factors outside of simply playing the game because of its reliance on cognition. Cognitive function is involved with everything from how quickly you learn new mechanics to whether your reaction time is primed for competition. Maintaining and elevating our cognitive function is therefore essential for high performance through holistic education and training around sleep, nutrition, mental performance, and more.

Ready to Take Your Game to the Next Level?

There’s a reason why every traditional sports athlete has a coach at every step of their career. If you are serious about improvement in your esport, then coaching cannot be neglected. Coaching will help ensure that your progress is not inhibited by roadblocks and performance plateaus and make sure you have actionable steps to improvement at any stage of your Rocket League journey. Our coaches will allow you to take your in-game skills to the next level while promoting out-of-game development for personal and professional growth. Learn more about how EPA can guide you on your road to excellence!

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