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EPA Coaches are trained based on our holistic approach, helping players improve their in-game performance by improving out-of-game well-being. This approach helps players build professional-level skills and habits that lead to top performance in gameplay and real life.

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Person in a suit coaching another player in front of a computer monitor

EPA has set out to develop the most robust coaching certification in esports.

Our coaching certification involves several hours of rigorous coursework and assessments designed to develop highly qualified coaches and well-rounded leaders who then develop well-rounded players.

Team playing esports together

Our certification is designed to develop coaches ranging from beginner to expert.

Utilizing our methods, coaches will gain the knowledge and understanding of:

  • Holistic coaching in esports
  • How to implement holistic practices in a team format
  • How to navigate difficult player scenarios
  • How to promote healthy player growth
  • Intricate title-specific knowledge

Our goal is to advance the coaching culture in esports and provide coaches with the skills needed to level up their own careers.

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