EPA Announces new Partnership with FocusCalm

Esports Performance Academy and FocusCalm Form Partnership to Research and Develop Player Performance Insights

(Dallas, Texas, March 30, 2022) - Esports Performance Academy (EPA) is partnering with FocusCalm to research and develop in-depth player performance insights within the esports industry. EPA clients will have access to the FocusCalm product and app that will further enable non-mainstream data points to be gathered, allowing for optimized performance improvements inside and outside of competition.

As it stands, there are too few accessible resources in the amateur and grass roots scene as it pertains to intricate performance data. Together, the companies aim improve the quality and type of data that coaches and players outside of the professional scene are able to analyze. In turn, these new resources should assist in elevating player performance within this segment of the industry, as well as streamline performance regimens for any and every competitive title.

“When it comes to data in esports, there is an abundance of irrelevant or unactionable data, as well as a barrier from accessing data that only pro teams are able to gather – that’s a real problem” said Andrew Cooley, Chief Executive Officer of the Esports Performance Academy. “By partnering with FocusCalm to provide our clients with access to their headband and app, we are able to tackle both of these issues by providing in-depth, actionable data, as well as partially break down that barrier.”

“We are excited to join forces with the Esports Performance Academy to help develop the next generation of esports professionals” said Max Newlon, President of FocusCalm. “By combining their methodology with FocusCalm’s mental training platform, we hope to give these athletes an edge in competition, at school, and in life.”

FocusCalm is a neurofeedback device that uses EEG technology to measure your brain activity and display it as your FocusCalm score. FocusCalm’s programs, exercises and activities help you learn how to manage your mindset, strengthen your ability to relax and stay focused, and challenge your skills at remaining calm under pressure. The headband’s sensors translate brain activity into more than 1,200 data points per second and displays your real time FocusCalm score in the app. The FocusCalm score measures your success at staying in a FocusCalm state, allowing data-driven progress as you work to improve your score.

Esports Performance Academy represents an all-star team of coaches, players, students and partners seeking to foster excellence in esports. It does this with a focus on holistic growth and development by providing the world’s only High-Performance Holistic Coaching Certification. It provides programs and standards-based curriculum that concentrate on player cognition and brain health and that use neuroscience and data to promote player long term mental and physical health.

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